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Wicker Park Fest/Thriller Zombie Walk

Wicker Park Festival returns even bigger and better this year, featuring bands such as Black Francis’ new project Grand Duchy, homegrown Chicago superheroes Treaty Of Paris and Smoking Popes, and closing the weekend was Junior Boys (photos shown respectively.)

WickerParkFest037 702428 Wicker Park Fest/Thriller Zombie Walk
WickerParkFest027 702374 Wicker Park Fest/Thriller Zombie Walk
WickerParkFest046 773616 Wicker Park Fest/Thriller Zombie Walk
WickerParkFest049 708453 Wicker Park Fest/Thriller Zombie Walk

Also happening was a Michael Jackson’s Thriller Zombie Walk. Hundreds of people put on their messiest makeup and fakest blood, ripped up their clothes, and amassed in the park, ready to lurch through the streets.
One guy wearing a Richard Nixon face mask instructed dozens of fellow Dead-Zeds how to dance the Thriller, which they performed several times like straight out of the music video. Also funny were some militant costumers acting as some sort of Anti-Zombie League “defending” the general public from the approaching onslaught à la Shaun Of The Dead.

Everyone was having such a great time — whether participant or onlooker — that it kind of dawned on me that in all actuality, possibly even ironically, the Michael Jackson Zombie Walk was really quite a celebration of life.

WickerParkFest002 753212 Wicker Park Fest/Thriller Zombie Walk
WickerParkFest006 753275 Wicker Park Fest/Thriller Zombie Walk

Whole weekend’s photos HERE

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Steve Aoki And Dark Wave Disco: The New Beat

Steve Aoki Crobar Chicago

So I will say this right off the bat: I’ve never considered going to Crobar for anything.
I was even slightly reluctant to go for Steve Aoki, opting instead to enjoy myself at some random house party.
Alas, house parties are a dime a dozen in Chicago, and seeing the infamous “Kid Millionaire” and the Dark Wave Disco DJs for free sounded like it might be at least worth checking out.