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How To Destroy Angels


I’m not quite sure how I feel about the name, but I’m sold on everything else about Trent Reznor’s new project How To Destroy Angels.

Nine Inch Nails tops the list of bands I regretfully never jumped on the chance of seeing performing live, but I’ll definitely keep my ear to the ground for the projected summer debut of Reznor’s new group featuring wife Mariqueen Maandig. Their website has some really compelling teaser videos, I suggest checking it out. Next week (June 1st) they’ll have their debut EP available for download for free. Gotta love the internet.

As I Lay Dying At House Of Blues

As I Lay Dying Concert

Shooting As I Lay Dying helped me realize a new rule regarding rock photography: The size of the drum kit is directly proportional to how much you want to make sure to grab shots of the drummer. Some of my favorite shots from their stop at House Of Blues were of drummer Jordan Mancino, who on more than one occasion stole the spotlight with extended drum solos. That’s not to say the rest of the band didn’t do their best to keep up.


Demon Hunter At House Of Blues

Demon Hunter Concert At House Of Blues

Seattle metal band Demon Hunter stopped at Chicago’s House Of Blues on their tour supporting their new release The World Is A Thorn.

They put out a heavy set to prep the crowd for headlining act As I Lay Dying.


Skeletonwitch At House Of Blues

4570214784 ea72a8c3de o Skeletonwitch at House Of Blues

Even though I wanted to see just how brutal a performance Cannibal Corpse would put on at House Of Blues, I was really interested to see opening thrash band Skeletonwitch.

Hailing from Athens, Ohio, I’ve seen these guys play a couple dive bars a few years ago in my hometown Columbus. They’ve since moved up to bigger touring acts, and are making headway in the “thrash metal revival” genre.

And dammit, their name alone kicks ass.


Cannibal Corpse At House Of Blues

4566733451 c7f77496c6 o Cannibal Corpse At House Of Blues

DISCLAIMER: Photos contain inordinate amounts of hair.

I really tried to get more photos of faces, but it was really difficult. Cannibal Corpse literally let their hair down at House Of Blues, not to mention whipping it everywhere. In addition to hair, devil horns were flying all over the place during this brutal set.