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Photos Of Middle East Revolts

Today is my birthday, but I can’t help but feel a certain lingering sense of unease for the world at large. There are revolutions happening on the other side of the globe — not only in Egypt and neighboring Lybia, but nearly the entirety of the Middle East and North Africa. Hundreds of people are being injured or even killed in the streets, and missile skirmishes are taking place every day.

But imagine if you were assigned to provide photographic coverage of all the uprising and turmoil, from within. Pulitzer Prize-winner John Moore did just that. Some of the photos he shows in this video are gripping, and really make you feel part of the chaos, whether organized or not.

Flogging Molly @ Congress Theater

Flogging Molly concert live @ Congress Theater Chicago (Justin Gill)

“They still turn the Chicago River green on St Patrick’s Day, right?” -Dave King, Flogging Molly vocalist

I caught Flogging Molly performing at Congress Theater in Chicago, on tour to support their forthcoming studio album, Speed Of Darkness

I remember several years ago seeing Flogging Molly play outdoor summer Irish Festivals to crowds of maybe 500. Now I get to shoot them playing the first night of packed out double-header concerts at Congress Theater, one of the largest movie palaces in one of the largest cities in America.

And what better timing than to kick off St. Patrick’s Day week! The band was obviously having a great time on stage, and the crowd loved it.