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30 Seconds To Mars @ Aragon Ballroom 2011

30 Seconds To Mars Jared Leto Concert @ Aragon Ballroom Chicago (Justin Gill)

Having shot 30 Seconds To Mars at Aragon Ballroom a year ago nearly to the day, I knew shooting their return performance would have been tough. Having secured press credentials only a mere two hours before doors opened, my ill-preparedness made this one of the most challenging concerts I’ve shot in a long, long while.

Still, I persevered and Jared Leto and gang put on a performance — complete with confetti, balloons, and blood — worthy of capturing as best I could:


Glamour Prints For Sale

Tattoo Glamour Nude Photo

I’ve surprisingly been getting a few emails asking for specific prints from people wanting to hang some of my work up on their walls! So, I thought maybe it would be best to compile several of them together in a gallery with a checkout method for ordering your own.

So now you can support by ordering your own fine art nude and tattoo glamour prints that I’ve shot within the past two years or so!! I’ll be running limited edition (10 each) prints of popular tattoo and glamour models like Alysha Nett, Miss Crash, Lynn Pops, Sophie King, Sierra McKenzie, and more. Sizes range from 8×10 to 20×30, and I’ll even sign and number them on the back!


If you’d like to see the offerings, you can take a look at the FULL GLAMOUR/NUDE PRINT GALLERY


Commercial Freelancer Headshots

Professional Freelance Commercial Headshot

Meet Martina, a young burgeoning freelance Public Relations woman starting her own company. She approached me for a headshot session to help put a face to her services, to help market herself and build a clientele.

Though she had never gotten headshots in the past, she was a natural and brought lots of warm personality. She asked to have some fuller-bodied and 3/4 shots, and I was happy to accommodate that as well. I want to point out, too, that she had her hair and makeup professionally done. This made a huge impact on how her images came out, and she looks much more professional and put-together.

*** Be sure to contact me to find out how to get photos to promote your own business!

Preview: 30 Seconds To Mars @ Aragon Ballroom

30 Seconds To Mars Jared Leto Concert @ Aragon Ballroom Chicago (Justin Gill)

Here’s a quick teaser photo of a fist-pumping Jared Leto from the 30 Seconds To Mars concert at Aragon Ballroom. That concert was quite the challenge for me photographically, and I’ll explain why when I post the rest from the show.

In the meantime, feel free to scope out photos I’ve shot from the concert almost exactly one year ago: 30 Seconds To Mars @ Aragon Ballroom 2010