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Preview: Peter Murphy @ Club Nokia

Peter Murphy concert @ Club Nokia Los Angeles (Justin Gill)

Here’s a quick peak of The Godfather of Goth, Peter Murphy showing off his stage presence at Club Nokia in Los Angeles.

Full set coming shortly.

Boys Noize @ The Music Box

 (Justin Gill)

Two and a half years after shooting Boys Noize at Lollapalooza, I had the pleasure to get right up on stage and shoot him again as he worked up the crowd at Hollywood’s Music Box.  As a surprise, rapper Kid Cudi guested on the mic for several minutes.


Echo & The Bunnymen @ Club Nokia

Echo & The Bunnymen @ Club Nokia, Los Angeles (Justin Gill)

Liverpool post-punk band Echo & the Bunnymen have been cranking out songs and tours years before I was even born. It was nice to catch them at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles, for a rather intimate set full of songs from several different albums, and an extended encore. Vocalist Ian McCulloch is going on strong, despite the fact that he seemed to be chain smoking nearly the entire set.

There was no end of the world as some religious fanatics predicted for May 21st 2011, but there was certainly a Killing Moon.


30 Seconds To Mars @ Aragon Ballroom 2011

30 Seconds To Mars Jared Leto Concert @ Aragon Ballroom Chicago (Justin Gill)

Having shot 30 Seconds To Mars at Aragon Ballroom a year ago nearly to the day, I knew shooting their return performance would have been tough. Having secured press credentials only a mere two hours before doors opened, my ill-preparedness made this one of the most challenging concerts I’ve shot in a long, long while.

Still, I persevered and Jared Leto and gang put on a performance — complete with confetti, balloons, and blood — worthy of capturing as best I could:


Preview: 30 Seconds To Mars @ Aragon Ballroom

30 Seconds To Mars Jared Leto Concert @ Aragon Ballroom Chicago (Justin Gill)

Here’s a quick teaser photo of a fist-pumping Jared Leto from the 30 Seconds To Mars concert at Aragon Ballroom. That concert was quite the challenge for me photographically, and I’ll explain why when I post the rest from the show.

In the meantime, feel free to scope out photos I’ve shot from the concert almost exactly one year ago: 30 Seconds To Mars @ Aragon Ballroom 2010

Flogging Molly @ Congress Theater

Flogging Molly concert live @ Congress Theater Chicago (Justin Gill)

“They still turn the Chicago River green on St Patrick’s Day, right?” -Dave King, Flogging Molly vocalist

I caught Flogging Molly performing at Congress Theater in Chicago, on tour to support their forthcoming studio album, Speed Of Darkness

I remember several years ago seeing Flogging Molly play outdoor summer Irish Festivals to crowds of maybe 500. Now I get to shoot them playing the first night of packed out double-header concerts at Congress Theater, one of the largest movie palaces in one of the largest cities in America.

And what better timing than to kick off St. Patrick’s Day week! The band was obviously having a great time on stage, and the crowd loved it.


Motörhead @ Congress Theater

Motorhead live concert Congress Theater Chicago (Justin Gill)

I’m considering Motörhead’s sold-out performance at Congress Theater the kickoff concert for the 2011 season. And what a great show it was. It was clear from the sheer number in attendance that it was greatly anticipated, and Lemmy is not a man who disappoints. I can only hope it’s an indicator for what’s to come as Spring concerts start touring through the country.


Clutch @ Congress Theater

Clutch live concert Congress Theater Chicago (Justin Gill)

The second band opening for Motorhead was Clutch. Although I’ve shot Clutch a couple summers ago at an outdoor street festival, it was a much better treatment this time around, in an actual live concert atmosphere. I was very happy to get the great shots I did of this band, which you can see after the jump:


Valient Thorr @ Congress Theater

Valient Thorr live concert at Congress Theater Chicago

I was especially excited to catch Valient Thorr open for Motörhead at Congress Theater. These guys play what can be described as anywhere between thrash and punk for people who like nerdy metal. People like me.

And they didn’t disappoint with all their token power stances while busting out wailing guitar riffs, either. All in all, this band made for great photos to accompany a heavy rockin’ sound.


Preview: Motörhead @ Congress Theater

Lemmy Motorhead Live Concert Congress Theater Chicago

Here’s a teaser photo of the awesome show Motörhead put on earlier tonight at Congress Theater. I have lots more from that show, I just wanted to get this up while I edit the rest.

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