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Getting Great Headshots: Commercial vs Theatrical

Commercial Headshot Photography Los Angeles

Commercial Actor/Model Headshot

I’ve decided to addendum my earlier post on Getting Great Headshots to best address further details pertaining to the types of headshots you should be going for.
So here I’m going to discuss differences between commercial and theatrical headshots, and the types of roles they’re geared toward.

Commercial Headshots

First, you should have a clear idea about the markets in which you want to work.  Then, you should strive for headshots that cater to those markets. Are you looking for TV commercial spots or print ads?  Then you need commercial headshots.  Are you the successful office worker? The all-American suburban mom?  Bobby Blue-collar?  One or more of these types should be suggestible in a commercial headshot.  Take a look at the lead-in photo above.  The model is flashing a gorgeous smile, sparkle in her eyes, and a pink sweater for that extra “pop.”  Therefore she could probably help sell almost anything from toothpaste to car insurance.

So, bear in mind commercial headshots should have a generally broad, national appeal.  They shouldn’t be too edgy, sexy, or in-your-face.  It has to appeal to a wide spectrum of roles and markets, ensuring your accessibility to all of them.

Theatrical Headshots

But how about film, TV shows, and theater roles?  Those call for a theatrical headshot.  A theatrical headshot — sometimes referred to as a “legit” shot — defines the character and qualities that a person projects.  Are you portraying a flirty seductress love-interest?  Or the trustworthy best friend?  Do you work best as a specific type, like the edgy bad boy, or something more general, like the next-door romantic lead?  Are you a complex jazz musician?  A quirky comedic type??  Unlike the commercial shot, theatrical headshots mainly convey nuances that show you’re the best fit for a more specific role.  You’re more likely to land gigs when casting directors or potential clients don’t have to stretch their imaginations that you’ll fit the role.

Theatrical Legit Actor Headshot Los Angeles

Theatrical (Legit) Headshot

Take a look at the above theatrical headshot.  The expression, location, lighting, angle, colors, and wardrobe all combine cohesively to suggest a cool, edgy, urban role.  Something you might expect from the CSI franchise, college drama series, a PSA commercial, or similar.

As a general rule, it is best to showcase both a commercial vs theatrical headshot with every look, but of course certain looks can lend themselves to being one or the other.  But most importantly, make sure you find a photographer able to successfully get you the shots that cater to the specific markets you are after.

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OK Go – White Knuckles

I wanted to share yet another OK Go viral video, not only for it’s DIY-appeal, nor the impressiveness of being a long one-shot take — they used the same director from their treadmill video —  but who doesn’t like dogs doing fun tricks?

I’ll be shooting their show October 10th at House Of Blues

Getting Great Headshots: A How-To

Theatrical Legit Headshot Male Actor How To Get Great Headshots Sample

As I’ve been getting an influx of people emailing me in regards to having their headshots taken, I thought I’d post this as a sort or catch-all to field questions and clear up any ambiguity of what makes for a great headshot, and tips for getting great headshots.


404, Dude.

So, while moving servers, I had encountered an error which literally obliterated my blog database.
Unfortunately, the database backup I had saved was corrupt, and so I couldn’t “transition” my blog over.  That was heartbreaking, since that meant a year and a half of posts vanished forever.

That being said, I’ll take this as a cue to start from square one.  While I scramble to restore some of the popular posts from Google cache (thank god I can at least do that), I’m committed to making content from here on out twice as awesome!

Justin Gill Photo Studio – Summer Edition

Photograpy Studio

So, I had made a blog post back in January about how excited I was for my new studio space I had moved into at the time, but I really felt it was necessary to redux that post to demonstrate how much more awesome it looks in the summer!

All the natural lighting pouring in through the windows looks amazing, but of course I’ve got studio lighting setups, if needed. Located in a historic Victorian mansion in the South Loop, you can’t help feeling classy shooting in there!


How To Destroy Angels


I’m not quite sure how I feel about the name, but I’m sold on everything else about Trent Reznor’s new project How To Destroy Angels.

Nine Inch Nails tops the list of bands I regretfully never jumped on the chance of seeing performing live, but I’ll definitely keep my ear to the ground for the projected summer debut of Reznor’s new group featuring wife Mariqueen Maandig. Their website has some really compelling teaser videos, I suggest checking it out. Next week (June 1st) they’ll have their debut EP available for download for free. Gotta love the internet.

New Studio Space!

Studio 9 New Studio Space!

I wanted to share photos of my new studio rental. I’m really excited about it!

It’s in a large historic mansion in the South Loop, right off Michigan Avenue. The interior is spacious, with lots of gorgeous Victorian decor, not to mention plenty of natural daylight.

In all, it makes for a great place to shoot, or set up my backdrops.

Keep in mind the photos below are just snapshots. Imagine what it will look like during your actual shoot!


Headshot SEO

This is a page dedicated to providing information on SEO-friendly websites that cater to the headshot market.

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