Headshots: One Actor, Different Looks

Remember my blog article Getting Great Headshots: Commercial vs Theatrical?  Meet Cris, an actor just starting out here in Los Angeles.  Cris approached me in desperate need of having professional headshots, as he was doing scenes with the legendary Betty White for a new series called Off Their Rockers!

Cris opted for getting 3 different looks, to ensure he had a variety to pitch to prospective agencies and casting directors.  Even though he had a nice, albeit straightforward All-American look, we were able to showcase range with a few different looks for his headshots.  Each look was addressed both commercially and theatrically.  Check out how differences in outfits and expression and lighting give visual cues to different roles he might be suited for:

Commercial vs Theatrical Headshot looks for actorCollege drama heartthrob, or funny best friend?

• • •

Commercial vs Theatrical Actor HeadshotHip downtown office worker, or shifty racketeer?

• • •

commercial vs theatrical headshot for actorsBoy-next-door, or heroic lead?

 As you can see, with variations to clothing choices, facial expressions, and lighting scenarios, one person’s headshot session can incorporate a wide, dynamic range and open up possibilities for getting called for a variety of roles and gigs!


Be sure to contact me if you’re looking to get some headshots that work to help you showcase your range and abilities!

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