The Green Children @ Hotel Cafe Hollywood

Live concert photo of The Green Children @ Hotel Cafe in Hollywood (Justin Gill)

Last weekend I had the pleasure to shoot The Green Children, an acoustic folk duo at Hotel Cafe, a classy jazz club in the heart of Hollywood.

This place was perfect setting for them, as the intimate vibe allowed singer Milla’s voice to warm up the entire room.  It’s no wonder they are making some pretty big waves and gaining a wide audience, both in the US and in Europe.


Makeup/Skin Beauty Shoot – With Video

makeup skin beauty studio retouch blonde hair blue eyes

Exactly one full year — to the day — since I shot Karin for some beach swimwear photos, I had her in the studio to shoot some beauty photos.

Karin is a Swede model with fair skin and striking, pale blue eyes.  I had the amazing and talented Morgan come and accentuate them with contrasting gold eyeshadow.  The results looked great:


From The Archives: Cervena Fox

Sometimes, as a photographer, I like to battle bouts of late-night insomnia by digging through my archives from past shoots to analyze my shooting/lighting techniques, play around with processing and retouching, or just find overall ways I can improve my work in the future. Last night, while thumbing through the RAW images from a shoot I did last year with tattoo model Cervena Fox, I stumbled on an image that I had flagged, did some retouching to, and then kinda put it back on the shelf — or stuffed it back into the folder, as the case may be.

Applying some new retouching techniques that I’ve built since then — using my awesome Wacom Tablet that I got for my last birthday — I ended up with an unexpectedly great image that I’m glad to add to my portfolio. I thought I’d post it here in a blog article not only to demonstrate how easy it is to make great images with Cervena, but also to demonstrate how I(we) must always strive to grow and improve as an artist.

Cervena Fox red hair makeup beauty model

Anthrax (and SLASH!) @ House Of Blues

 (Justin Gill)

I’m going to go ahead and lead-in with a photo of Anthrax playing with surprise guest Slash onstage, as they pummeled through a cover of AC/DCs “T.N.T.”, even though he came out toward the end of their set.  Because why wouldn’t I??  It’s Slash! With Anthrax!  On the Sunset Strip!!

However, click the jump to see more photos of Anthrax’s Joey Balladonna, Scott Ian, Frank Bello and my best attempts to grab shots of Charlie Benante behind his monstrous drum set.  Oh, and glowing pentagrams galore:


Exodus @ House Of Blues

 (Justin Gill)

Feast your eyes on these flying V guitars that Exodus was slinging around last week at House Of Blues on Sunset Strip.  Definitely added some nice visual elements to complement the aggressive thrash metal that these guys have been kicking out all these years.


Preview: Anthrax @ House Of Blues Los Angeles

Anthrax Scott Ian live concert photo House Of Blues Los Angeles

 I’m gonna be editing like mad for the next 24  hours for a whole string of great blog posts,  not least of which was last night’s metal blitz at House Of Blues featuring headliners Anthrax!

For now I’ll leave you with a great photo of Anthrax’s Frank Bello and Ian Scott shredding together to tide us over until then.   Feel free to subscribe to my blog or follow me for updates in the meantime!

Hotel Glamour Model Shoot

Las Vegas Hotel Lingerie Glamour Model Shoot


Check out this Las Vegas-based glamour model I had the pleasure of shooting last weekend while I was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

I wanted to take the opportunity to shoot a talented model that brought more to the table than being heavily tattooed, so that I could focus on a more commercial lingerie look.  We only had time to shoot after sundown, but this proved to be a blessing in disguise as the photos have more of an evening lingerie appeal.


Viva Las Vegas!!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog article, mainly because I’ve been laying low with shoots and trying to remap my creative direction for 2013.

However, I’ve got fresh goals and focus for the new year, including diving straight into filmmaking!
Also, I’ve discovered that making trips to Las Vegas are extremely easy and affordable for me, so I may head out that way once a month or two. In fact, I just returned from a weekend vacation during the AVN Awards where I had the luxury of staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino!

I had the opportunity to shoot a few tattoo and glamour models while I was there; I’m currently editing some of the top shots for magazine submissions. In the meantime, take a look at some fun Instagram shots I took during my travels. Feel free to follow me if you’re on Instagram: @justingillphoto

Las Vegas Instagram Las Vegas Instagram Las Vegas Instagram Las Vegas Instagram

Las Vegas Instagram Las Vegas Instagram Las Vegas Instagram Las Vegas Instagram

Swimwear/Fitness Beach Shoot

blonde swimwear bikini fitness model on the beach

Meet Karin, a Swedish model recently moved to Los Angeles to push her modeling career.  I thought it would be great to grab some bikini/swimwear photos out on Venice Beach, as a final goodbye to the Summer weather in LA.  We wanted to get some photos with a sexy commercial appeal, and Karin really brought it with great poses, golden locks, and a bronze tan to boot.


Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival Masquerade Ball

Mosh Burlesque Model Los Angeles Fetish Film Fest

So last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival, a gathering of fetish film enthusiasts to watch a collection of entries catering to affinities of leather, latex, and lace.

The weekend ended with a small little masquerade party at Hollywood’s Dragonfly industrial club, and I felt compelled to take my camera along with me, as soon as I heard the marvelous Miss Mosh was slated to give a headlining burlesque performance!

CLICK HERE to see many more photos from the evening.

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