Steve Aoki And Dark Wave Disco: The New Beat

Steve Aoki Crobar Chicago

So I will say this right off the bat: I’ve never considered going to Crobar for anything.
I was even slightly reluctant to go for Steve Aoki, opting instead to enjoy myself at some random house party.
Alas, house parties are a dime a dozen in Chicago, and seeing the infamous “Kid Millionaire” and the Dark Wave Disco DJs for free sounded like it might be at least worth checking out.

I’ll tell you, I can’t in recent memory think of an evening more enjoyable than the one I had.

Dammit, those DWD kids sure can spin. They did a great job getting the crowd good and loose for Steve, who managed to spend more than two hours making everyone burn their last ounce of energy. And I’ll ashamedly admit, Crobar was a huge open club with lots of dance space, and very photogenic.
Most memorable was near the close of Steve’s set when he got every last fist in the room pumping to Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name,” followed immediately by The Refused “New Noise.”
It seemed extremely appropriate to play the latter, especially. It was as if he were daring us all not to “Lack The Motion To Move To The New Beat.”

Click any photo for the full gallery to see if you can find one person not having an amazing time. Just TRY:

All the rest of photos of Steve Aoki at Crobar

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