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Blonde Hair, Blue Eyed Makeup Beauty Shoot in the Studio

blonde blue hair makeup model beauty photoshoot

Karin is one my favorite models, I’ve shot her at least two other times and have always been pleased with the results.

She’s a beautiful Swedish/Latvian model and working actress, with striking blue eyes and great fair skin, and she has the warm personality of a young Gwyneth Paltrow, to boot!

I was happy to have her in my studio for some updated Spring photos, with a talented stylist on hand for one clean look, and one edgier fashion look.


In The Studio: Redhead Glamour Beauty Model

Meet Jessamyne Rose, a gorgeous Aussie redhead who graced my studio earlier this month for some glamour beauty photos.

Hair/Makeup styling by Morgan Panter


Jessamyne Rose redhead model hair makeup beauty glamour photo

Jessamyne Rose redhead hair makeup beauty glamour model photo

And a high-contrast black and white photo:

Jessamyne Rose black and white beauty photo

Makeup/Skin Beauty Shoot – With Video

makeup skin beauty studio retouch blonde hair blue eyes

Exactly one full year — to the day — since I shot Karin for some beach swimwear photos, I had her in the studio to shoot some beauty photos.

Karin is a Swede model with fair skin and striking, pale blue eyes.  I had the amazing and talented Morgan come and accentuate them with contrasting gold eyeshadow.  The results looked great:


From The Archives: Cervena Fox

Sometimes, as a photographer, I like to battle bouts of late-night insomnia by digging through my archives from past shoots to analyze my shooting/lighting techniques, play around with processing and retouching, or just find overall ways I can improve my work in the future. Last night, while thumbing through the RAW images from a shoot I did last year with tattoo model Cervena Fox, I stumbled on an image that I had flagged, did some retouching to, and then kinda put it back on the shelf — or stuffed it back into the folder, as the case may be.

Applying some new retouching techniques that I’ve built since then — using my awesome Wacom Tablet that I got for my last birthday — I ended up with an unexpectedly great image that I’m glad to add to my portfolio. I thought I’d post it here in a blog article not only to demonstrate how easy it is to make great images with Cervena, but also to demonstrate how I(we) must always strive to grow and improve as an artist.

Cervena Fox red hair makeup beauty model

Recent Beauty Shoot

Sophie King Beauty Shoot

I took a short trip to Ohio last weekend to meet with family, and I managed to throw together a collaborative shoot.

I had hair and makeup stylists, and the lovely Sophie King standing in as model. She’s one of my favorite models, not only because she was one of my first when I forayed into making photography more than just a hobby many years ago.