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Skeletonwitch At House Of Blues

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Even though I wanted to see just how brutal a performance Cannibal Corpse would put on at House Of Blues, I was really interested to see opening thrash band Skeletonwitch.

Hailing from Athens, Ohio, I’ve seen these guys play a couple dive bars a few years ago in my hometown Columbus. They’ve since moved up to bigger touring acts, and are making headway in the “thrash metal revival” genre.

And dammit, their name alone kicks ass.


Cannibal Corpse At House Of Blues

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DISCLAIMER: Photos contain inordinate amounts of hair.

I really tried to get more photos of faces, but it was really difficult. Cannibal Corpse literally let their hair down at House Of Blues, not to mention whipping it everywhere. In addition to hair, devil horns were flying all over the place during this brutal set.