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Freaky Deaky Halloween With Crystal Castles, Chromeo, And Boys Noize

So I spent All Hallow’s Eve Eve at Congress Chicago, which was throwing a monster Halloween bash starring Crystal Castles, Chromeo, and Boys Noize.

Crystal Castles opened with a blinding, chaotic set that included lots of strobes.  Though I didn’t catch many shots due to the maddening strobe lighting, they put on a high-energy set that didn’t disappoint.

Freaky Deaky Halloween Congress Theater Crystal Castles

Chromeo was next to lay down some funk-infused electro.  During an encore performance, each member came out donning their Halloween costumes:  Dressing like the other!

Freaky Deaky Halloween Congress Theater Chromeo

And though Chromeo was the headliner, Boys Noize wrapped up the evening spinning nonstop electro dance jams that had the entire theater jumping.

Freaky Deaky Halloween Congress Theater Boys Noize

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Lollapalooza Day 1

So right off the bat, I’m gonna mention how rainy it was. Not even a downpour, mind you — that I can handle. It was one of those humid foggy kind of rains that renders my equipment borderline crapshot. I spent more time defogging my lens than shooting it seemed.

Even if I managed to snap a half-decent shot, the colors were grey and the contrast was mud. Speaking of mud… There was a lot of that, too. It made travel from stage to stage quite the daunting task.

Nevertheless, the bands didn’t give up, so neither did I.
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Lollaplooza 2009 Day 1 Of Montreal

Lollapalooza 2009 Day 1 Crystal Castles Alice Glass

Lollapalooza 2009 Day 1 Depeche Mode Dave Gahan