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Peter Hook At Smartbar

PeterHook 11 Peter Hook At Smartbar

Every time the opening bass riff for Joy Division’s “Transmission,” or New Order’s “Age Of Consent” starts to play, I always have compulsion to smile.  Hook, the man behind that infectiously twangy bass guitar stopped through Chicago to DJ at Smartbar, with backing support from Dark Wave Disco. He was on his way through for a Q&A and book signing in support of his new release The Haçienda: How Not To Run A Club, his memoirs about the infamous (and now-defunct) Manchester club built by founders of Factory Records and resident band New Order.

Hook’s musical prowess spans 30 years, and he knows a thing or two about clubs. So to dance 5 feet away while he spins Joy Division remixes, I had compulsion to smile.

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