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I AM Festival Chicago

I got a last-minute photo pass to the I AM (Independent Arts and Music) Festival held at Congress Theater on Saturday. The festival celebrated some up-and-coming local Chicago artists, music and otherwise. There were about 25 bands that played on two separate stages, I managed to shoot 5 or 6 of them.

Most notably in my opinion were Simplistic Urge, very loud and energetic post-hardcore band. They had great stage presence, and almost made it difficult for me to keep up. At one point a guitarist inadvertently flung his guitar straight into a stage light, completely busting it.

Also of note were I Fight Dragons, who can only be described as a pop-punk interpretation of Skate Or Die meets Megaman. They wore comic book hero tshirts and actually converted NES controllers as electronic sampling instruments, creating 8-bit bleeps and bloops with each button press.

I managed a quick impromptu editorial-style shot of them in the loading area out back after their set. I wanted to evoke a kind of fun “superhero” kind of vibe, but it would have been 10 times more effective at night, not to mention that it took me 15 seconds to do:

Some more standout shots:

See the full show gallery HERE.

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