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Glamour Prints For Sale

Tattoo Glamour Nude Photo

I’ve surprisingly been getting a few emails asking for specific prints from people wanting to hang some of my work up on their walls! So, I thought maybe it would be best to compile several of them together in a gallery with a checkout method for ordering your own.

So now you can support by ordering your own fine art nude and tattoo glamour prints that I’ve shot within the past two years or so!! I’ll be running limited edition (10 each) prints of popular tattoo and glamour models like Alysha Nett, Miss Crash, Lynn Pops, Sophie King, Sierra McKenzie, and more. Sizes range from 8×10 to 20×30, and I’ll even sign and number them on the back!


If you’d like to see the offerings, you can take a look at the FULL GLAMOUR/NUDE PRINT GALLERY


Recent Beauty Shoot

Sophie King Beauty Shoot

I took a short trip to Ohio last weekend to meet with family, and I managed to throw together a collaborative shoot.

I had hair and makeup stylists, and the lovely Sophie King standing in as model. She’s one of my favorite models, not only because she was one of my first when I forayed into making photography more than just a hobby many years ago.