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Viva Las Vegas!!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog article, mainly because I’ve been laying low with shoots and trying to remap my creative direction for 2013.

However, I’ve got fresh goals and focus for the new year, including diving straight into filmmaking!
Also, I’ve discovered that making trips to Las Vegas are extremely easy and affordable for me, so I may head out that way once a month or two. In fact, I just returned from a weekend vacation during the AVN Awards where I had the luxury of staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino!

I had the opportunity to shoot a few tattoo and glamour models while I was there; I’m currently editing some of the top shots for magazine submissions. In the meantime, take a look at some fun Instagram shots I took during my travels. Feel free to follow me if you’re on Instagram: @justingillphoto

Las Vegas Instagram Las Vegas Instagram Las Vegas Instagram Las Vegas Instagram

Las Vegas Instagram Las Vegas Instagram Las Vegas Instagram Las Vegas Instagram

Free Tattoo Glamour Print Giveaway!

Cervena Fox tattoo glamour model nude topless fetish corset

Want to win a free 11×14 print of the lovely tattoo model Cervena Fox?  Of course you do.

All you have to do is fan me on Facebook and enter to win!  Once I reach 500 fans I will announce a winner by email.  Click here to go to the entry page.

Of course, if you don’t win, I still have more glamour prints here for you to adorn your walls with!

Megan Renee — Summer Tattoo Glamour

Tattoo Glamour Model Megan Renee

Megan Renee is quickly gaining popularity in the tattoo modeling world. I’ve recently seen her grace the cover of LA Weekly! Here are a couple natural light photos I shot of her in celebration of the sunny summers we have here in Los Angeles


Cervena Fox: UK tattoo glamour model

Cervena Fox tattoo corset glamour model


Here’s some photos I shot back in the Spring of UK tattoo model Cervena Fox.  Cervena gets lots of exposure not only for her excellent inkwork, but also for her trademark long red hair!  She’s a London tattoo model that tours the States a couple times a year, so I made sure to get her into my studio when she was last in Los Angeles since I had a corset that I thought would look great on her.


Alysha Nett: Tattoo Glamour B&W

Alysha Nett tattoo glamour nude lingerie model black and white

Alysha Nett is probably my most-photographed model — at least she is now that I’ve had her in my studio once again this week.  She gains more and more popularity as a tattoo/glamour/nude model not only because her ink work is very striking, but because she knows how to bring it with lots of sexy poses and facial expressions.

Not only is it nice to have a model that looks stunning, but also one that works as naturally as Alysha does in front of the camera.

I decided it would be nice to go back-to-basics with a black and white shoot, mainly since she’s gotten more black ink tattoo work since I shot Alysha Nett nearly two years ago.


Glamour Prints For Sale

Tattoo Glamour Nude Photo

I’ve surprisingly been getting a few emails asking for specific prints from people wanting to hang some of my work up on their walls! So, I thought maybe it would be best to compile several of them together in a gallery with a checkout method for ordering your own.

So now you can support by ordering your own fine art nude and tattoo glamour prints that I’ve shot within the past two years or so!! I’ll be running limited edition (10 each) prints of popular tattoo and glamour models like Alysha Nett, Miss Crash, Lynn Pops, Sophie King, Sierra McKenzie, and more. Sizes range from 8×10 to 20×30, and I’ll even sign and number them on the back!


If you’d like to see the offerings, you can take a look at the FULL GLAMOUR/NUDE PRINT GALLERY


Alysha Nett: Tattoo Glamour Model

Alysha Nett Tattoo Glamour Model Studio Photo

The first weekend of spring came and I had the pleasure of having Alysha Nett in my studio, we spent a few hours shooting different outfits.

Alysha Nett is a tattoo glamour model to keep your eye out for; not only is she very lovely but she goes the extra mile creating captivating poses. As a result she gets featured more and more both in print and online.