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Photos Of Middle East Revolts

Today is my birthday, but I can’t help but feel a certain lingering sense of unease for the world at large. There are revolutions happening on the other side of the globe — not only in Egypt and neighboring Lybia, but nearly the entirety of the Middle East and North Africa. Hundreds of people are being injured or even killed in the streets, and missile skirmishes are taking place every day.

But imagine if you were assigned to provide photographic coverage of all the uprising and turmoil, from within. Pulitzer Prize-winner John Moore did just that. Some of the photos he shows in this video are gripping, and really make you feel part of the chaos, whether organized or not.

In David E Jackson’s Mind: A Circus.

Dave Jackson is a great music and editorial photographer that I was chums with on photographer forum boards long ago — before the days of YouTube even — and every once in a while, it’s nice to see his work still pops up during my daily interwebbery.

Along your journey as a photographer, you’ll hopefully find there’s a day when you wake up and realize you kind of know your way around an aperture, you know the pros and cons of the age-old Canon/Nikon debate, you know what different lenses to use for different scenarios, and you can even imagine how lights were set up and modified just by reverse-engineering how it looks in a photo…
But Dave sits down and explains a little behind his thinking, what rolls around in his brain — often the best piece of equipment a photographer can own.

I think the fact that it’s a circus shoot is MORE than allegorical.

Be sure to read through his exhaustively thorough Behind-The-Scenes blog post as well!

OK Go – White Knuckles

I wanted to share yet another OK Go viral video, not only for it’s DIY-appeal, nor the impressiveness of being a long one-shot take — they used the same director from their treadmill video —  but who doesn’t like dogs doing fun tricks?

I’ll be shooting their show October 10th at House Of Blues

How To Destroy Angels


I’m not quite sure how I feel about the name, but I’m sold on everything else about Trent Reznor’s new project How To Destroy Angels.

Nine Inch Nails tops the list of bands I regretfully never jumped on the chance of seeing performing live, but I’ll definitely keep my ear to the ground for the projected summer debut of Reznor’s new group featuring wife Mariqueen Maandig. Their website has some really compelling teaser videos, I suggest checking it out. Next week (June 1st) they’ll have their debut EP available for download for free. Gotta love the internet.