Top 10 Concert Photos From 2011

 Boys Noize concert fans @ Music Box Hollywood (Justin Gill)

Top 10 Lists come out of the woodwork every year’s end, and I’m making no exception.  Here’s a list of some of my most memorable concert photos I’ve shot this year, either for aesthetic or iconic reasons.

I’m kicking off this list with the above photo, shot during Boys Noize set at The Music Box in Hollywood.  I’m including it here as it not only makes a good “lead” for a blog article about concert photos, but also because it showcases the raw energy emanating from the packed house that evening, and the fan wearing the Boys Noize shirt adds just a little bit of context :)

Descendents and Black Flag Concert Santa Monica Civic Auditorium Los Angeles (Justin Gill)

Not only is this one of my favorite images from 2011, but The Descendents performing at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium is one of my favorite concerts of the year, perhaps even decade.  This particular photo is a great shot of Milo Aukerman, not only for his energy, but the stage lighting hit him just right.

Descendents and Black Flag Concert Santa Monica Civic Auditorium Los Angeles (Justin Gill)

And although I want to refrain from including two photos from the same band, I have to give a shoutout to Descendents’ drummer Bill Stephenson.

Descendents and Black Flag Concert Santa Monica Civic Auditorium Los Angeles (Justin Gill)

This photo of Keith Morris from Black Flag unquestionably gets included for it’s historical significance.  It was definitely a treat to watch him perform the Nervous Breakdown EP in its entirety.

 (Justin Gill)

I really like the blue haze in this photo from She Wants Revenge performing at Club Nokia.  It does a good job of conveying the sense of the entire performance.


Floggin Molly concert live @ Congress Theater Chicago (Justin Gill)

I’m including a photo from Flogging Molly’s Congress Theater performance because, well, I wanted an excuse to add an accordion player to the list.  The colors and composition certainly don’t hurt, either.

 (Justin Gill)

Peter Murphy is big on poses and gesturing during his performances, so he added some visual flavor to his show at Club Nokia.

 (Justin Gill)

Lemmy Is God, as they say, and who would deny a deity a spot on this list?  Check out more photos of Motörhead’s concert at Congress Theater.

 (Justin Gill)

I know it seems weird to include a photo of a sweaty metal dude, but this photo from Valient Thorr at Congress Theater stays faithful to the band’s overall persona.  I like not only the scowl directed straight at the camera, but the cross-lighting of warm and cool colors give an eery sense of impending evil.

 (Justin Gill)

This shot of 30 Seconds To Mars at Aragon Ballroom is a no-brainer to wrap up my favorite photos from 2011.  Shot during the encore performance, Jared Leto invited fans onstage to sing “Kings And Queens” with him.

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  1. nice set for 2011. The last photo, 30 Seconds to Mars, is a killer!

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